Sunday, February 8, 2015


Exploring Encaustic

Two Selfies...they speak for themselves

Pots of delicious colour

A trip[ to the Cactus Sanctuary in San Miguel is sure to bring happiness

Or are thoughts more like leaves floating down river.....coming together...drifting apart the whim of the current

Are thoughts like clouds..coming and going in the endless sky?

More sweetness from Cuba

Inspiration from Cuba

Things that inspire my heart and mind

Inspired by the russian nesting dolls

Relief Wall sculptures....Each one tells a story

The Potter's Market in Guelph

Singing with the choir

Finding the sacredness of Fractals

Heart- Earth Our Heart and the Heart of the Earth are One

Stoneware dish with slip decoration

clock For fundraiser in San Miguel .Loving the Many faces of Time

pomegranate card

My life long obsession with pomegranates .....

Creating Cards with clay ,  small acrylic paintings ,glorious paper and glass.